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Lee Taft Performance Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

There has been a crazy trend of basketball coaches talking about not teaching their defenders to shuffle and ONLY laterally run. What a big mistake! Listen in as I break down many reasons why it's a big mistake. 

Mar 21, 2022

End your training sessions and practices with a WIN! Planning too much "stuff" in one practice is a sure way to eliminate wins. Concentrate on a few exercises and skills so the athletes can learn and remember the information. Always have a primary focus for the day and sprinkle in the secondary focus when...

Mar 14, 2022

Give your basketball players better context when teaching them a new skill, concept, or method. It is crucial to "catch" them at the moment. This awareness is where the magic of learning occurs.


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Mar 7, 2022

If you want to make more significant impacts with your programs, you need to consider running basketball camps. They are a great way to fund your team's expenses, support your staff, and build your overall basketball program. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity.


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