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Lee Taft Performance Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

We have to stop thinking the only way to build your basketball program is by subjecting parents and kids to expensive AAU programs that require long weekends, lots of travel, and stress. There is a much better way.

Listen as I walk you through how I accomplished this with multiple programs. 


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Feb 21, 2022

Being on your toes is wrong!

We have to stop telling players to get off their heels and way up on the balls of their feet. This position causes slower movements during COD and increases ankle sprains. The weight should be toward the ball of the foot with the heels down so the ankle is dorsiflexed.

Listen in to learn...

Feb 14, 2022

How do you build a powerful basketball program without using AAU? Here is the 4-step system I have used for years to build a strong high school program.  

Feb 6, 2022

I hate when coaches make players run lines for honest mistakes. Why is attempting to make the correct decision but executed wrong, missing a shot, or making a turnover punishable by running lines? Punishment for these types of errors is what takes away confidence and creativity. There are many more effective ways to...