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Lee Taft Performance Podcast

May 26, 2020

Bobby Smith is one of the best at creating a system that allows large groups of athletes to be trained seamlessly. Listen as coach Smith addresses how they built their training facility to mange large numbers of athletes while still giving individual attention. 

May 19, 2020

It is incredible to have such a high quality coach working with our youth. Erica is a great soccer skills coach and S&C coach, but more importantly a mentor for our youth. Listen how she inspires her young female athletes to be empowered as people and great athletes. 

May 12, 2020

Nutrition is one of those topics that can confuse people, but in this show, William Maloney absolutely makes spot on points to help us all understand it better. William goes into meal prep, pre and post workout nutrition, adult changes, supplemental nutrition, sugar.... Amazing show!

May 5, 2020

One of the most inspirational presenters and coaches in the profession! Martin shares tremendous stories and concepts to drive home important points around being the best coach you can be, no matter if you are a parents, teacher, doctor, or sport coach. This is going to change lives!